TimeLine : The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: 1944-1974 . 1975 . 1976 . 1977
The Empire Strikes Back: 1978 . 1979 . 1980
Return of the Jedi: 1981 . 1982 . 1983

    April 12, 1980

  • The Novelization of The Empire Strikes Back is published.

    May 17, 1980

  • The world premiere of The Empire Strikes Back is held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

    May 19, 1980

  • Darth Vader appears on the cover of Time Magazine for their story on The Empire Strikes Back. The magazine makes note of the "Episode V" tagged onto the opening crawl, and mentions that the first film is now called "Episode IV."

    May 20, 1980

  • The Royal premiere of The Empire Strikes Back takes place in London.

    May 21, 1980

  • The Empire Strikes Back is officially released to theaters.

    Late 1980

  • Kenner releases its third set of Star Wars action figures. This set includes Lando Calrissian, Prince Leia Bespin Gown, Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues, Han Solo Hoth Outfit, Hoth Rebel Soldier, IG-88, Bossk, FX-7, Bespin Guard and Snowtrooper.


  • For the first time, Imperial Stormtroopers are described as being "Clones" in "The World of Star Wars: A Compendium of Fact and Fantasy from Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back."

    Set Design: Although parts of the Derwent jet engine are all over Star Wars, the most recognizable piece is the flame tube. These conical sections are convenient props, as multiple pieces can be found on one jet engine. Their interesting shape made them perfect for the Mos Eisley cantina bar in A New Hope and became the head for bounty hunter IG-88 in The Empire Strikes Back. Related parts dot the life-size gun turret on the Millennium Falcon.

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