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TimeLine : 1992

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    (Photo by Mark Tucker.)


  • Beaker gets married and he and his wife move to Atlanta. Since he and Rich had been roommates since 1990, Rich now needed a new place to live. He moves into James Bryan Smith's attic appartment in Wichita, KS. He would live there until he finishes school in 1995.

  • Rich covers Keith Green's "You Are The One" for No Compromise: Remembering The Music Of Keith Green, released on Sparrow Records.

  • Rich's band enjoys a week off in Florida before heading out on the next leg of their tour.

    January 7, 1992

  • Rich Mullins performs in Ocala, FL.

    January 20, 1992

  • "Calling Out Your Name" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 12 weeks on the chart and peak at #2 on March 9.

    February 29, 1992

  • Rich Mullins and Jimmy A perform at the Edman Chapel in Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.

    March 1992

  • Rich is interviewed by Chuck Harbor

    March 30, 1992

  • Rich Mullins performs in Dayton, OH. He ended the show with a solo version of "This World is Not My Home."

    Spring 1992

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "The Pursuit of Happiness"

    April 1992

  • While in Nashville for GMA week, Rich gives an interview to Sandi Brown of WCBW 104.9 in St. Louis, Mo.
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    April 13, 1992

  • "Jacob and 2 Women" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 6 weeks on the chart and peak at #21.

    April 17, 1992

    (Photo taken at Six Flags in St. Louis by Eric Townsend)
  • Rich Mullins and Band perform in St. Louis, MO at Six Flags.
    Before the show, Rich went into the audience and passed out chocolates.

    May 1992

  • CCM Magazine reviews Rich's The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume Two
    Album Reviews

    (Photo by Mark Tucker.)

    May 20, 1992

  • Rich appeared on Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh and performed "Sometimes By Step."

    May 25, 1992

  • "Sometimes By Step" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 14 weeks on the chart and peak at #1 on July 20.

    June 1, 1992

  • Rich Mullins sixth album, The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume Two, is released on Reunion Records.
    Album Reviews
    "Sometimes By Step": This track became an instant favorite in concert and churches around the world and quickly became Rich's sixth #1 single.

    Rich, on "The Maker of Noses": "Well, that's one of those songs that was kind of a gift, because... you know, we had written almost enough material for two albums. And we recorded most of both albums in one sitting. And it was just a few songs shy. Well, when we had to finish up the second volume, when we had to fill out the ten-song thing, we were, by that time we... you know, you go through periods when you just write like crazy. And then you go through periods when you couldn't write a shopping list if you had to. So we, Beaker and I, just, I don't know, we came up with that song right in the studio. And neither of us really thought very much of it. I think what we were trying to approach there is... because we tend to be fairly conservative as Christians, sometimes we become really cynical about anything that's politically correct. And, so we always sound like, kind of sour notes, going, 'Oh, knock off all the stuff about world peace, and ecology, and racial equality, and equity, and all that kind of thing.' And I was kind of going, 'But just because I don't think that the politically correct method of attaining those things works, I still do want peace, whether or not it's gonna happen.' And, as a Christian, I think we're called to work toward peace. I still wanna see racial equality, even though I don't think that a lot of the ways that the PC's are going about it is really gonna work. So why don't we, instead of poo-pooing all these issues, why don't we embrace them in, because of who we are as Christians, rather than just going, 'Ah, that's a bunch of craziness.'

  • A small promotional booklet is given away at Christian Book Stores that included the lyrics to The World As Best As I Remember It Volumes 1 and 2, and a few "Rich Rememberances".
    "The World As Best As I Remember It: Thoughts and Reflections by Rich Mullins"

    June 1992

  • Rich Mullins appears on the cover of CCM Magazine.
    "Step By Step: A Conversation with Rich Mullins"

    July 20, 1992

  • "Sometimes By Step" hits #1 on the AC Charts. Following its debut on May 25, the song would stay on the AC Chart for 14 weeks.

    (Reunion Records CEO Terry Hemmings, Rich Mullins and manager Gay Quisenberry)
  • Reunion Records throws Rich a private party, for his seventh number one single, "Sometimes By Step" and his first number one selling album.
    Reed Arvin: "when an artist brings a producer lyrics like that, it is such a privilege and a gift to work with him." Rich was then given a brand new hammered dulcimer.
    Rich: "My first hammered dulcimer was a gift from a church, I appreciate receiving this one because I hate spending money on musical instruments, but I love having them!".

    Summer 1992

    (78 Eeatonwood Green)
  • Rich travels to Ireland around this time and stays in a four bedroom house in a little village called Shankill, a suburb of Dublin. The street address of the house was 78 Eatonwood Green - which would later become the title of an hammered dulcimer instrumental on the A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band album.

  • Much of Rich's next album would be written on this European tour. That album would later become known as A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band. Another song written around this time in Ireland was "The Breaks."

  • Rich is inspired to write "Hold Me Jesus" while in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Rich: "I was in Amsterdam, and there was so much sin all around us. After years of behaving myself as best as I could, I was really having to hang on for dear life. I was thinking, no one would know. I could do anything I wanted to do. Wouldn't it be fun just to cut loose for a couple nights and misbehave as much as I want? Fortunately, because I travel with my friend (and fellow band member) Beaker, and because he's not afraid to hold me accountable, I did not do anything. But I sure felt the temptation to toss out my morals for an evening."
    "A few days later, we were in Germany, sitting in a train station, assuming that everyone around us was German and did not speak English. We were having this totally candid conversation on a bench in the train station. I was talking very openly about some of those temptations. All of a sudden, this guy leans over and says, 'Excuse me, but aren't you Rich Mullins?' I went back over the conversation to see if I was going to admit to it or not. But I thought, this is good. A lot of times when we look at people we admire spiritually, we think they have arrived at this place where they cease to be tempted. The reality is, our faith may grow stronger over time, but the temptations never go away. It is hard for me to imagine that I will still feel tempted at 60, but when I was 20 I couldn't imagine I would feel such strong temptation as I do at almost 40."

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "Washing At Dusk"

  • Calendar Magazine includes a short article on Rich.
    "Humble Poet, Reluctant Artist"

    Fall 1992

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "Making/Being Made"

    August 16, 1992

    Mark Heard
  • Mark Heard passes away in Springfield, IL, after suffering a heart attack during his performance at the Cornerstone festival. While fellow artists and friends were attempting to raise funds to assist Mark's widow and daughter through memorial concerts and tribute projects, Rich Mullins was the first artist to record a cover of one of Mark's songs. The song, entitled How to Grow Up Big And Strong would appear on Rich's A liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band project the follow year and raise additional money for Mark's family through royalties.
    Rich: "When I first heard Mark Heard's Eye of the Storm, I knew that he was a very original writer and had a style that I like. Several albums later, I still liked his writing. It never became predictable or narrow -- it remained honest. It has been that honesty more than any of his styles that spoke so clearly."

    August 24, 1992

  • "The Just Shall Live" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 13 weeks on the chart and peak at #3.

    November 23, 1992

  • "Hello Old Friends" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 8 weeks on the chart and peak at #8.

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