Songs from Ben's House

Songs from Ben's House

Songs from Ben's House


Songs from Ben's House

1. Steve on Rich (dialogue from Steve Hindalong of the Choir)
2. Calling Out Your Name (Rick Elias)
3. Somewhere (Mark Robertson)
4. Jesus (Ashley Cleveland)
5. The Breaks (Rick Elias)
6. Jimmy on Bound (dialogue from Jimmy Abegg)
7. Bound to Come Some Trouble (Jimmy Abegg)
8. Song for Ireland (Alyssa and Kimmie)
9. We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are (Rick Elias)
10. You're Just Not that Funny (Dialogue from Mark Robertson)
11. Screen Door (Mark Robertson)
12. Wounds of Love (Phil Madeira)
13. I See You (Robbie Seay)
14. The Dream (Dialogue from Ben Pearson)
15. Home (Alyssa and Kimmie)
16. Oh, no... of course (Dialogue from Ashley Cleveland)
17. The Band (Dialogue from Rich Mullins)
18. Next (Dialogue from Rick Elias)

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Recorded Live at Ben's House.


Art Direction and Design by Jimmy Abegg