Bellsburg... the Songs of Rich Mullins


Bellsburg... the Songs of Rich Mullins

2023 Old Bear Records
Produced by Chris Hoisington, Dave Trout, Andrew Greer and Evan Sieling
Additional Production by Mitch McVicker
Executive Producers: Andrew Greer, Anthony Hoisington, Anne Crossman, Doug Oines, Gail Oines, Josh Crossman

Bellsburg... the Songs of Rich Mullins

1. Hello Old Friends (Andrew Peterson, with Andy Gullahorn and Ben Shive)
2. You Did Not Have A Home (Kevin Max, with Mitch McVicker)
3. Both Feet on the Ground (Ashley Cleveland)
4. Heaven is Waiting (Brothers McClurg)
5. Sparrow Watcher (Amy Grant, Cindy Morgan, Andrew Greer, Tommy Simms)
6. If I Stand (Steve Cudworth)
7. I See You (Audrey Assad)
8. Sometimes By Step (Ian Zumback, with Ron Block)
9. Hold Me Jesus (Sara Groves, with Andrew Greer and Bonnie Keen)
10. Whitewater (Rich Mullins Demo)
11. Here In America (Jason Gray, Kipper Gray and Jimmy Abegg)
12. My Deliverer (Mitch McVicker)
13. Calling Out Your Name (Andrew Osenga, Taylor Leonhardt)
14. Bound to Come Some Trouble (Stephen McWhirter, Jason Clayborn)
15. Hard to Get (David Mullins, with Jonathan Mullins)
16. Whitewater (Carolyn Arends)
17. We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are (Derek Webb)
18. Holy Pretenders (Unreleased)
(Rich Mullins)

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Recording Information

Recorded Live at Rich's/Connie's House in Bellsburg, Tennessee; South Paw Studio, Nashville, TN; Dorothy Haas Memorial Studio, Saint Paul, MN; Whitewater Productions, Richmond, BC .
Recorded and Mixed By – Evan Seiling
Recorded By Aaron Fabrini, Roy Salmond
Edited and Mixed By by Kyle Buchanan


Photography By Chris Cameron (8), Darius Fitzgerald, David McCracken, Elliott Lopes
Rich In The Snow Circa 1988 photo by Michael Wilson
Art Direction & Design by Lukas Iverson
Liner Notes by Chris Hoisington