Release Extra

Release Extra Presents Rich Mullins

Editor: Rpberta Croteau
Contributing Writers: Reed Arvin, Beaker, Phil Keaggy, Rich Mullins, Ben Pearson and Steve Taylor
Phtography: Russ Long, Ben Pearson, STephen L Roebuck, Mark Tucker and Michael Wilson.
Additional Photography: Lauren Strelau and Nancy Yeastng
Art Direction and Design: Nancy Yeasting
Color Separation: ChromaTech, Inc, Vancouver BC
Lithography: Mitchell Press, Vancouver BC
Special Thanks to Gay Quisenberry and Crucible Productions for fact and photo finding, frenzied phone calls, and Fed Ex fiascos... Muchos Gracias.

Articles Included:

Introduction by Phil Keaggy
"Rich Asks Rich"
"Sometimes By Step" by Roberta Croteau
"Another Mile Farther Down the Road"
"In & Out of a Ragamuffin Diary"
"The Ragamuffins"
"Rich In Words"
"Pursuit of a Video" by Steve Taylor
"Rich Music, Rich Memories" by Reed Arvin
"So In Conclusion..." by Beaker