Rolling Stone (Jesus)

Rolling Stone (Jesus)

(1974 Rich Mullins)
Later fleshed out and rewritten for the album The Jesus Record

They say You walked upon the water once
When You lived as all men do.

Please teach me how to walk the way You did,
'cause I want to walk with You!

And, Jesus,
They say You taught a lame man how to dance,
and he had never walked without a crutch?
Well, here am I, Lord. I've got my problems in my hands
and I’m just waiting to be touched!

And, Jesus,
They drove the cold nails through Your tired hands.
And, they rolled a stone to seal Your grave.
What kind of power is there inside of You?
How did You roll that stone away?

Sometimes I feel as though I want to cry, but,
The devil took my tears away.
Sometimes it feels like he rolled a stone onto my heart.
Can You roll that stone away?

Copyright 1998 - Liturgy Legacy Music / Word Music / ASCAP / White Plastic Bag Music / SESAC.

Song Notes: Originally written in early 1974 as "Rolling Stone," the song was finished in 1997 with help from Mitch McVicker and Dana Waddel.